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First Presbyterian Church Victoria, Texas
Why Join Us?

Why Join Us?

Why join us at First Presbyterian Church?

  1. We are members of the Presbyterian Church (USA), a well-established mainline denomination.
  2. We have a relaxed yet traditional worship style, with Biblically-based, thought-provoking sermons and an excellent music program.
  3. We are a friendly, welcoming congregation of committed Christians.
  4. We invite all Christians to come to the table for the Sacrament of Holy Communion, celebrated the first Sunday of every month.
  5. We have some of the best cooks in town, and they share their skills at our monthly covered-dish lunches.
  6. We reach out to the community with several different mission projects, and are always open to new opportunities to serve.
  7. We are a happy family who are always ready to welcome new friends.
  8. Did I mention we love to eat?
"Today, we continue our ministry in Victoria, the Presbytery, and the world. We look forward to serving Christ in the Crossroads for many years to come."

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