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             Your Mission and Outreach Committee, with approval from the Session, has established a working relationship with Meals on Wheels, South Texas, to support the PAW Pet Care Assistance Program.  Clients receiving home-delivered meals, who own pets, can sign up for this program. The program assists with food and both routine and emergency veterinary care.

Cat food and dog food is delivered once a month on or around the last Friday of the month based on the number and size of pets involved.

            We ask for your assistance by providing dry cat food or dog food by dropping the bags off at the church.  A red wagon will be located in the hallway in front of Fellowship Hall.  We will start this program on August 1, 2023.  When you buy food for your cat or dog remember those that are less fortunate whose only companionship and love is their pet.





           With an attendance that rivaled any of our Sunday morning worship services, the members and friends of FPC, Victoria, celebrated our Caregiving & Fellowship Committee's "End-of-Summer Picnic" with laughter and enthusiasm.  Children of all ages enjoyed the hot dogs, chips, snacks, and ice cream that were in abundant supply.

Ruling Elder John Horadam thoughtfully invited our friends at Mount Nebo Missionary Baptist Church to celebrate with us after their Wednesday evening Bible study, and at least four of them joined us while we blessed backpacks, played happy "cup games," and joined our voices in the sing-along led by Lynn McAuley's sister, Liz Williams, accompanied by her trusty guitar.

In case you missed it, Dawn Neel announced the news that until Wednesday evening was known only by her.  She revealed that, thanks to the generosity of our members and friends, not to mention the long hours of dedicated sorting, arranging, and tagging by our numerous volunteers, our Stupendous FPC Rummage Sale raised $2,345 for the church's operations.  This is nearly 65% more than the amount raised for the church during our rummage sale last year!

Finally, I am happy to announce the results of the big "vote off" among hotdog fans as they were allowed the opportunity to vote early and often for their favorite hotdog topping.  The vote, as audited by our trustworthy Assistant Treasurer, Jim Stokes (while your pastor counted the quarters from the respective "vote cans"), was:

Mustard:            $8.25
Mayonnaise:      $2.25
Ketchup:            $1.50
           I cannot remember the last time I had just a joyous time of fellowship with friends and neighbors--  all of whom love Christ and one another.  Don't talk to me about dying churches!  Witness our bake sale, patronize our rummage sale, come to our picnic, join us in Sunday School or Sunday worship.  We are healthy and vital at FPC, Victoria.  May God uphold us and bless us as we share with others in our community the joy we know and the Good News we have received!

            A big shout out of “Thanks!” goes to the many FPC volunteers who (a) brought donations to be sold at our Rummage Sale, (b) worked tirelessly to sort, tag, organize, and display the huge amount of material we received, (c) were present during both mornings of the sale to help our shoppers and collect payments for their purchases, and (d) made many generous purchases themselves.  “Honorable Mention with Oak Leaf Cluster” also needs to be awarded to Erica Colding whose enthusiasm, organizational skills, and joy served as an inspiration to us all and contributed in no small measure to the success of our efforts.

Until last year, your pastor was unfamiliar with this type of church event.  When it was first proposed in 2022, I was all for it of course, but I simply did not appreciate, until I experienced it, the excitement such an event could create within our church.  This year, my appreciation for our Rummage Sale was only deepened as I witnessed not only the financial success of the event but also the fellowship it generated among our members as they collectively gathered in support of such a mammoth undertaking.

In fact, I would now say that the financial rewards of this year’s Rummage Sale, although important, became secondary to the time we spent enjoying working together, eating fried chicken together, slurping “smoothies” together, not to mention laughing, talking, and helping one another.  Such wonderful things happen when Christ’s followers gather in friendship and love!

And what about the financial rewards of this year’s Rummage Sale, you may ask.  Keep reading this Newsletter to learn more!